Ellico Investments is a Birmingham based family business providing boutique properties to busy professionals and a winning property solution for landlords, agents and partners. Ellico Investments are delighted to provide boutique house share accommodation for staff of some of the West Midlands’ finest employers.

We specialise in breathing fresh life into properties, providing the very best boutique houses of multiple occupation. Shared living is changing and the old days of sub- standard and poorly equipped accommodation is no longer acceptable to working professionals. Our houseshares are thoughtfully designed and we take pride in ensuring each tenant feels comfortable at home. Our mantra is all about providing quality products, excellent service, in an efficient manner.


Ellico Investments

Service for landlords


Ellico Investments have a growing portfolio, however we face ever-increasing demand for our boutique properties from busy professionals. We are always looking for opportunities to work with other landlords to increase the stock of suitable accommodation.

We are delighted to offer an extremely professional service where we take properties on a long lease with a guaranteed rent agreement for periods between 3 to 7 years, treating the properties as if they were our own. This includes dealing in a timely manner with maintenance and ensuring that the properties are regularly inspected, regularly cleaned and gardens tended to.

What we offer

Beautiful, affordable homes for professionals. Guaranteed rent, freedom to enjoy life, and total peace of mind for landlords and investors

What we stand for

We believe in creating value for our customers, landlords, investors and partners. We are driven by the qualities we value most:  Excellence, Improvement, and Partnership.

We keep your property in excellent condition

We need to be able to fill rooms quickly when people move on. This means we are highly incentivised to keep your property in move-in condition. We even pay for initial refurbishment, if needed, and minor ongoing maintenance. We pay for fornightly cleaning of all communal areas.

Working with agents

Ellico Investments enjoy working in partnership with local agents to provide boutique properties to pprofessionals. We always welcome the opportunity to work with new agents, so please get in touch.

We are looking for properties that would be suitable for between 4 and 8 individuals. If you have properties that are available for a long term let and your landlords are open to renting to us, please do get in touch with us.

What are the benefits of letting agents?


~You will receive the initial finders’ fee from the Landlord


~You will continue to get any management fees, as agreed originally with the Landlord.


~You will receive tenant finder fees, should you find the tenants.


~You would not be required to undertake any further work, except to pass the guaranteed rent on to the Landlord.


~We take care of the property and the tenants. We’ll collect the rent, deal with any possible tenant issues, and take care of minor maintenance.


~​As a Management Agent, we work with you and not in competition with you!


​Help us to find suitable properties, then collect your commission, stress-free for the next few years.

We are currently looking for properties in these areas for our professionals:

Birmingham ~ Sutton Coldfield ~ Solihull

What Do Housemates Say?

Ellie was a great landlady, kept on top of things needed for the house and the rules were simple and fair. I would have happily stayed as her tenant had it not been for job reasons. We keep in contact with each other, as she’d be the first person I’ll be calling for a room to rent should the occasion ever come. 


Dulcie – Housemate, Erdington

 I’ve found it very enjoyable. The room is very nicely decorated and clean with a good standard of furniture. Elouise has been great at communicating with me regarding any changes to the household and has been clear and helpful with rent, & any shared storage. More than helpful, Elouise even fitted black out curtains after I said that I was waking up early during the light mornings! Any very minor issues are resolved quickly and professionally. Have always felt comfortable and secure here and will be sad when it comes time for me to move out.   


Brendan – Housemate, Erdington

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WE OPERATE THROUGHOUT Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield.

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